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Aims and objectives

The Hygiene Council formed in 2006 to monitor infection threats, and respond by offering useful advice to the public to help to prevent the spread of infection through good hygiene. The Council focuses on providing simple, practical hygiene advice for in the home and when out and about, helping families to stay healthy and hygienic.

The Council talks about the importance of good hygiene to the public, healthcare professionals, schools and other groups to help people to change hygiene behaviours for the long term. By continuing to provide practical, relevant recommendations to improve hygiene practices, the Council aims to help the public to a more hygienic future.


Access to clean water and soap may also boost growth in young children

New research by the Cochrane Collaboration suggests that access to clean water and soap not only improves hygiene but may also boost growth in young children.

Hygiene Council recommendations on cold and flu prevention

The Hygiene Council have issued a cold and flu consensus statement, which details recommendations as to how to prevent cold and flu. Read more...

Hygiene hypothesis not supported by evidence

A new report by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine concludes that the hygiene hypothesis is not supported by evidence. Read more...