About the GHC

We are an organisation of leading global experts in hygiene and associated disciplines. We distil scientific evidence to raise awareness about how hygiene can help to prevent the spread of infections and thereby impact global health outcomes.

Using expert scientific opinion, we advocate for the use of responsible hygiene practices in infection prevention, helping to shape public health policy and improve health outcomes at a global and local level.

Since our formation in 2006, the GHC has undertaken research and published findings to raise awareness of how germs can spread in the home and community and the role hygiene can play in helping to reduce infection risk. More recently, we have started to understand the importance of behaviour change in forming long-lasting healthy hygiene habits.

The GHC provides informed responses to global hygiene crises and provides invaluable advice to stakeholder organisations and policy makers around the world to better protect the public from the spread of common infectious diseases.

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